This game was the result of an early prototype I did that combined all of the ideas we went over in class. Elements of design with color schemes and shapes are incorporated. Enemies move with a sine behavior and the avatar has a race and bullet function to either move away from the enemies, shoot them out the way, or both. Sound effects, music, and particles were added to accompany the game's sense of speed and action. The initial design of the game made it too difficult, so I had to lower the amount of enemies on the screen to make it more playable, even if it does appear to be unforgiving. You only get one chance to make it through. That's part of the challenge in the game!

Controls: Use arrow keys to move that car and space to shoot.

Design Process: Going over and iterating design concepts covered in class. I combined ideas from previous prototypes into one game. Keeping it simple and within the course is the best way to go for me since Construct is a completely new tool for me. More info of the design process above as well.